About me

My name is Marco Cagetti, and Cacio is my nickname. I am an economist in the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, in Washington, DC.

I was born in Italy, and have lived in the US for many years. I grew up in Novara, a town in Northern Italy between Milano and Torino; but my parents' hometown, where they have now moved to, is Massa, in Tuscany.

If you are curious, the pronunciation of my name and nickname is the following:

Cacio = ca-cho (a as in car, o as in long)

Marco = that's like Mark, with an o (as above) at the end, Mark-o

Cagetti = this is a little more complicated. Ca (as in car) - jet - tee. The accent goes on jet. The t in jet and the t in tee are pronunced together, as if they were a unique, long t. In Italian, double letters are pronounced differently than in English.

The kanji you see in my main page read something like ka-cho. That is just phonetic. I am not myself a kacho. Someone else is.

I am trying to write my name in other alphabets, some of which represent the sounds very well:

Some more information about me:




Here are some pictures of my family, me, and the place where I come from in Italy.