Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
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Washington, DC 20551
phone: (202) 452-2685
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2440 Virginia ave NW apt D904
Washington, DC 20037
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Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, Research and Statistics, Flow of Funds section
Chief (2015-present), Group Manager (2014-2015), Senior Economist (2009-2014), Economist (2006-2009)
University of Virginia, Department of Economics
Assistant Professor, 2000-2006
Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, visiting scholar, fall 2011 and summer 2005
Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, visiting scholar, fall 2003.
University of Chicago, Department of Economics
Ph.D., June 2000
Advisor: Lars P. Hansen. Thesis committee: James Heckman, Annette Vissing-Jørgensen
Università Bocconi, Milano 
Laurea summa cum laude in D.E.S. (Economics and Social Sciences), July 1993
(fall 1991 exchange student at Brandeis University, Waltham (MA), Graduate School of International Economics and Finance)
Research assistant: IGIER- Innocenzo Gasparini Institute for Economic Research, Milano  1993-1994
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NSF SES-0318014: Entrepreneurship, frictions and the macroeconomy. 2003-2005.
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