(easy variation, by Marco Cagetti)

Zuppa inglese (lit. English soup, although it has nothing to do with England) can be made easily out of pastry cream. There are many variations of zuppa inglese. They all involve some type of sponge cake soaked in liquors and covered in cream. If you have some leftover cream, that's a good way to use it.



If you want to use syrup, boil the water and sugar, until the sugar is completely dissolved. Let cool, then add the liquor.

Cut the pan di spagna vertically in strips (approx 1 in). Line them in a big bowl or pan. Alternatively, use savoiardi cookies. Pour some of the liquid (syrup or alcoholic coffee). Cover with crema pasticcera. Do not put too much cream, because it's heavy. Just a thin layer. Add another layer of pandispagna or of savoiardi, cover, and repeat until all the cream is used. You can sprinkle cocoa powder on top.

Let it cool for a few hours at least before serving.