(by Daniela Pastina)

This simple and delicate tomato sauce is perfect for spaghetti. The following recipe is enough for 5-6 people.

Whiskey may be substituted for the cognac, but cognac is better.



Chop the onion in small pieces. Sautee it in the oil (until golden brown, approx 4-5 minutes). Carefully remove the onion from the oil.

Remove the sauce pan from the fire. Carefully pour the cognac. Bring back on the fire and heat until the alcohol has evaporated. Then add the tomatoes, a little salt and the pepper. (don't add too much salt, you can always add at the end). Cook, covered, for 1- 1 1/2 hour, or until ready (just taste it). If you are using a non stick pan, just stir it from time to time, otherwise you'll have to stir very frequently

Daniela Pastina, August 1996.